Session Two: Swole-ling OP pls Nerf

Continuing on the road to Forzcety our noble adventurers had to pass through a rather eerie wood. Known as the forest of spirits, it is a realm that the ethereal and corporeal mingle in one space. In fact, out party sorcerers (Markus and Barack) found their spirits walked/floated alongside them in this world – though […]

Session 1: Braaaains and Bullshit Dice

Outside Godsreach two figures approached with a War hound hot on their heels. Only to be stopped by six bored guardsmen and accosted to state their business.   Loremaster Barack frowned and states he was after the seed of birth and was all around quite put out at the rather suspicious reaction of the guards. […]

Ain’t No Party Like an Adventuring Party

Our Cast: Savage as Loremaster Barack Ricky as Lucien De Perisian Cortez as Markus Isgraadson <Now Demonborn Roderic Gelt Orell as Abulawe Sulu And of course Syd as himself; A Scholar, A Greenskin, A Knight, his trusty hound, a convict and a wannabe squire. All going into the Wildlands. Follow along their (mis?)adventures here.

Welcome to Thornyayne

The Deorlas looked out and what they saw was uncertain. The Dwarves and Mountain Orcs withered, wrapped in a senseless war that had driven both races to nigh genocide. Martessia was embroiled in a  knot of entangled intrigue; the nation carelessly dancing along the streams of magic without realising their reckless abandon. Imberia tried to […]