Sessions 9&10: Fuck you I’m busy

So due to real life being a pain in my ass, I have to summarise these sessions in one and rather hastily.

In session 8 the party decided to go ahead with the plan to ambush Yungir the Yellow. Cleaving through the majority of his men with crits galore, a great display of tactical planning and a shit display of tactical timing. One Seargeant surrenders and is interrogated by the party – they decide to let him go, sending him to aide and support Rull; yhe dwarf Barack implemented as Guard captain.

Barack used his bell of beast to take control of Lucien’s horse which proceeded forward much to the spell knight’s chagrin. Scout horse turns out to be overpowered as it sees a strange hill of gold surrounded by standing stones.

A skull is floating around chattering away and Yungir is arguing about how to proceed with one of his men. It turns out he sends someone back for a pickaxe, who is then promptly ambushed by the party.

Continuing forward where Yungir is trying to converse with the skull. The skull sees them and does nothing whilst the party step in and pretty much murderate a boss fight. Two crossbow dwarves and Yugnir himself going down immediately. He didn’t even get off his emergency teleport before he went down.

The party then went into the standing stones and talked to Mr Skull Forsyth who told them a riddle. The less said about this section the better, but a player or two may have used google. After skull Forstyth crumbled into the dust the party then promptly left after a mass of vines came alive and handed them a seed that Barack and Abluawe identified as the fabled “Seed of Rebirth”.

Only for everyone’s favourite ogre demon hybrid to be waiting.

To cut a very unusual sequence of negotiation short, Ogre won’t mess with the party if party hand over the seed. On top of that, he sends some ogres to help the dwarves. Also, he got Ogre to reveal he was going to use the seed to resurrect an extinct species.

The session ended with Abulawe riding off to the ranch in a huff.

The next session the party rested up, stabled the animals and greeted the arrival of Brother Nuleron.

Meanwhile, Abulawe asked Roderic’s mother Alette if he could use the kitchen and cook some food. She complied so long as he agreed to tidy up after; thus was born some burned meat and delicious soup.

Roderic, Lucien, Aeyla and Abulawe all chow down while Barack talks to his priest mercenary.

Barack then returns to the ranch while Nuleron prepares for his sneaking mission and doubles up the wards on the ranch. He then uses his Bell…

Around ten minutes later the Hex Beast decides it wants a walk. The beast in it’s efforts to sneak from the barn slams it’s head in the door, prompting Lucien and Roderic to go check it out.

Bear is just going on patrol; doing regular bear things and not at all suspicious. After a lap of the perimeter it yawns and walks back into barn; until Roderic vomits blood. The beast walks up and sniffs the vomit… and flies into a rage…

It’s heading for the ranch and Alette runs inside and barricades the door.

The Beast stops at the porch roaring as Roderic and Lucien back it up. It rears on both legs staring down Roderic, who has drawn his blade. It retreats as far as the vomited blood whining.

This has the effect of raising suspicion on Abulawe’s meal. As once the beast calms down, Barack comes down to where everyone is gathered round the feverish and coughing Roderic.

Aeyla patches him up as best she can, with Abulawe offering some herbs to help. But Slithering Rot is the diagnosis from Aeyla. Roderic gets worse. And is bedridden whilst interparty tension happens.

Barack tells Lucien to keep an eye on Abulawe as they see of Nulerion with orders to spy on the current powers that be in Forzcety – though he should assasinate the Matron if he can.

But that’s the gist, Roderic is sick – Abulawe is suspected – the party’s agent is dispatched.


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