Session 5: The Dangers of “Enhance Emotion”

How to write this session;


With a few players absent we continued where we left off, being summoned to Liserra’s office to get to the bottom of things. Right after Barack accosts Markus about taking advantage of the enchantment placed upon him. He holds out his hands;dwarf_berserker_by_mattforsyth-d7zh875

“In one hand, you can place the ring and end this. The other hand holds my mace, which if I don’t have my ring for the count of three, it’ll be rammed into your face.”

Markus complies and all the high wizards (The Matron conspicuous by her absence) are gathered and Liserra delivers the news: Everyone in the mine is dead by the hands of some creature or monster she can’t place. Phillip is taken aback, while “Joe” just  radiates apathy.

Joe >“Liserra, I don’t know why you’re so distraught about their deaths. You wanted to remove the threat of the spider controlling the mines and some monsters have done it for you.”

Liserra> “I didn’t want to kill anyone unless I needed to. Just wanted to work out how may he’d gotten to.”

Phillip does not find these deaths fabulous

Phillip> “Hold on, I was only on bored with stopping criminals, this is sounding just as bad as what we’re supposed to be stopping.”

The wizards continued bickering but Phillip eventually agreed to do what was asked of him.

Now what was asked of him;

Liserra would access the memory Aeyla had of seeing the creature. Then, using “Joe”’s abilities Phillip would be linked to Liserra and scry the location of that memory at the time it was being remembered.

Convoluted? Yes.

Lots of high level magic? Yes

Successful? Very.

Enter Abulawe Sulu; Necromancer



While the setup is all going on, everyone’s favourite secretary asks Liserra if she’s willing to take her 3:40 appointment early. Liserra snaps back asking Serah if it looks like she’s ready – but the Orc walks in anyway. Promptly dropping four dead birds on the desk and demanding payment. Liserra asks him to wait until she’s finished, he turns out not to be a fan of that plan.

So after she works out he has magic Liserra conscripts/hires him to help with the mindreading scrying of magical fuckery.



So the players got to control Phillip as he explored the mine that the party noped the fuck out on. Phillip got many a close up look at the monsters, called Mawmen – though nobody knows that. Whilst also finding a warren of creature made or natural tunnels that led far deeper down than expected. The extremely taxing high level magic takes its toll and the spell backfires on Phillip burning his face; although intervention from the Greenskin and Aeyla ensures he won’t be incapacitated for more than a week or two.

Joe finds this hilariously Trite

Then things go wrong as while “Joe” explains this isn’t the enemy he was bound to fight, Liserra says a word in a language beyond the comprehension of mortals, which seemingly forces Joe to bend to her will. He explains that the monsters are creatures who have completely succumbed to the influence of one of the wild Gods; namely the Wild God of Hunger and starvation. He then leaves in a puff of smoke as the players of Markus and Abulawe have a shoving match.

In summation; Markus was rude and stuck the finger up to Liserra.

Liserra landed a bird on his hand.

He tried to punch the bird.

Abulawe is very angry at that and pushes him.

Markus pushes back.

Barack casts enhance emotion on Markus’ anger.

Abulawe raises the dead birds he brought as minions.

Markus says to take this outside and draws his axe.

Barack enhances his anger again and single handedly creates a monster.

Markus goes BERSERK and (after a declared 1d6 for target) charges at Liserra and kills her.

She had just turned 800. So much plot… gone

Lodges the axe right into her temple savagely.

Also revealing her dark secret of being and escaped Elf.

So when Liserra dies Markus’ soul is visited by “Joe” revealed to be a demon bound to Liserra’s wishes by his true name. Which he tells Markus with the promise of one favour. (That weird word said by Liserra earlier.)

But in the course of this combat Markus shows how amazing his stats are compared to anyone else, (rolled 3 19s and 2 20s. His dump stat was a 15) it taking two rounds before the ridiculous odds start to wear on him.

He stands over Aeyla ready to deliver a second and presumably fatal strike to her, despite the best efforts of Barack, Lucien and four guards…

But his sense of self returns, along with a flash of memory of what he’s done.

He says the Demon that pretended to be “Joe’s” true name… and disappears in a puff of smoke.

And outside, it begins to rain; thick red drops about as thick as the heaviest snow storm force Forzcety to deploy facial masks as certain plants begin releasing their spores into the Wildlands.



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