Welcome to Thornyayne

The Deorlas looked out and what they saw was uncertain. The Dwarves and Mountain Orcs withered, wrapped in a senseless war that had driven both races to nigh genocide. Martessia was embroiled in a  knot of entangled intrigue; the nation carelessly dancing along the streams of magic without realising their reckless abandon. Imberia tried to […]

Sessions 9&10: Fuck you I’m busy

So due to real life being a pain in my ass, I have to summarise these sessions in one and rather hastily. In session 8 the party decided to go ahead with the plan to ambush Yungir the Yellow. Cleaving through the majority of his men with crits galore, a great display of tactical planning […]

Session Seven: Consequences

Lucien and Barack talk about the threat of a drake and send Roderic off to gather buckets of water. The young squire complies no questions asked, almost viewing it as a test pulling together a respectable 21 buckets pretty quickly. Barack thanks Abulawe for aid in the fight against Oren and he lets him in […]

Session Six: Children of the Revolution.

Well hey kids, what happens when your party mate goes berserk and kills one head of a penal colony? One who was recently revealed to be from a race of kidnapping, cannibalistic dragon worshippers? (elves) If you guessed that guards swarm in and try to work out what happened, you’d be right! In the aftermath […]

Session Four: Nope Nope Nope Nope

This session picked up right where we left off, on the final approach to an unnamed mountain that bore a questionably legal mine for the penal colony of Forzcety. In the lands of chaos magic how can people tunnel? With a shit tonne of anti magic and anti monster runes…So the party were to deliver […]

Session Three: Stag Do

Party woke up, noticing that Aeyla now had a kick ass mohawk which was customary to the hunters and her area and Serah took everyone through process of receiving missions. There were 3 waiting, Liserra asked them to deliver new ward rune to the mines in the West. Puth asked them to go look for […]